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Automatic Delivery makes getting your heating oil easy!

heating oil new york If you’re new to heating your home with heating oil, Mazzola Oil is here for you!

We are known for dependable heating oil delivery, competitive pricing, and responsive, personal service that no big, national heating oil company can match. Today, we’ll help you learn about what’s involved with getting heating oil delivered to your Hudson Valley home.

Do I need to be home for a heating oil delivery?

If our heating oil delivery drivers can safely get to your heating oil tank fill pipe, you don’t need to be home when we make a delivery. It usually takes us less than 20 minutes to complete your delivery and be on our way.

However, if you are not going to be home, you need to make sure your fill pipe is accessible. Leave gates and fences unlocked. In winter, keep the driveway clear to 10 feet wide and make a safe path of at least one foot wide from the driveway to your fill pipe.

Whether you are home or not, please keep dogs indoors or contained in an area away from the fill pipe.

Whatever the reason, if we cannot safely get to your fill pipe, we will not be able to deliver your heating oil.

Automatic Delivery vs. Will-Call: Which is right for me?

The majority of Mazzola Oil customers love having the option of Automatic Delivery. Why? Because it’s simple, worry-free, and absolutely free of charge! 

With Automatic Delivery, your worries are gone. You’ll never have to go outside in dangerous weather or check the tank gauge levels ever again, and you don’t need to contact us for a delivery either! Perhaps best of all is that you no longer need to worry about forgetting to keep an eye on how much heating oil you have and needing an emergency delivery. No matter what happens, we’ve got it covered with our reliable Automatic Delivery!

Here’s how Automatic Delivery works: We use the latest software along with a long-established degree-day calculation to calculate your heating oil usage. Once the calculations determine you need more heating oil, we schedule a delivery before you run low.

By the way, if you use Automatic Delivery and plan to be away from home for more than a couple of weeks during the winter, please let us know. Your usage history is part of our calculations, so knowing your usage will change helps to prevent unnecessary deliveries.

For those who prefer to take charge of their heating oil supply, we provide Will-Call delivery service.

When you select Will-Call, however, all the responsibility lies with you; from monitoring your tank levels to contacting Mazzola Oil for a delivery.

Here’s how to check your heating oil tank gauge:

On top of your heating oil tank, look for the transparent plastic tube with markings on it that resemble car fuel gauge numbers: F, ¾, ½, and so on. There is a red marker or a float inside the tube that informs you how much heating oil is in the tank. We strongly urge our customers to not let their heating oil tank gauges fall below 25% before making a delivery request.

Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us—we all forget important tasks at some point or another. When you neglect your fuel tank gauge level readings, that can sometimes result in costly emergency fuel delivery services.

That’s why so many of our customers are switching to Automatic Delivery. They love the ease, convenience, and peace of mind it offers! 

Are you ready for the most reliable heating oil delivery in the Hudson Valley? Become a Mazzola Oil customer today!

Mazzola Oil makes sure your business has the fuel it needs!

diesel supplier new york If you are looking for onsite fleet fueling services for your Hudson Valley business, you’ve come to the right place! Mazzola Oil has been serving the area for more than 70 years and we bring our knowledge, experience, and track record of outstanding and reliable service to our commercial fueling services.

Our onsite fueling services are customized for each business. We’ll go over your business’s fueling needs and create a diesel delivery plan that ensures your vehicles and equipment will have the fuel they need when they need it.

How does onsite fueling work?

Onsite fueling is also referred to as wet-hosing or mobile fueling. It is when a fuel transport and delivery company like Mazzola Oil delivers fuel directly to vehicles and equipment at construction sites, job sites, or a business’s property.

What sort of businesses use onsite fueling?

A diverse range of Hudson Valley businesses use onsite fueling. These businesses include:

  • construction companies
  • paving companies
  • waste haulers
  • farms
  • courier and delivery service companies
  • manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • businesses such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and grocery stores with commercial generators that use diesel fuels

What are the advantages of onsite fueling?

Providing onsite fueling makes managing fueling for your vehicles and equipment efficient, saving time and money.

Because Mazzola Oil is directly fueling the vehicles, you don’t have to deal with the expense of having an onsite filling station at your business. You also don’t have to worry about the hassle and cost of dealing with cleaning up fuel spills at that filling station.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to fleet fueling. Drivers can be stuck in traffic, or they might encounter delays because of road construction, meaning they have little control over the time it takes to fuel up and get back to work.

Work becomes more efficient because your fleet of vehicles and equipment start each workday with a full tank. That means your employees can get to work right away.

Although you may have the convenience of your work site being a short drive from a filling station, it’s important to remember that the more miles a vehicle racks up, the more wear and tear it accumulates, increasing maintenance and repair costs. For this reason, most businesses find that reducing mileage by utilizing onsite fueling services is the better choice.

Then there’s the matter of equipment. Getting them to off-site filling stations from a job site may be difficult if not impossible. With onsite fueling, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Onsite refueling is an excellent alternative to fuel cards, as it offers the convenience of fueling at a number of locations, without the need for on-site tanks. The risk of abuse of fuel cards for personal use, as well as fuel theft, are virtually eliminated.

Ready for reliable onsite fueling for your Hudson Valley business? Contact Mazzola Oil today to schedule a consultation.

Trust Mazzola Oil with your fleet fueling needs!

commercial fuel new york Since 1950, Mazzola Oil has been serving Hudson Valley businesses large and small with a wide range of commercial fuel services.

That 70-plus years of experience give us the knowledge and insights to offer the best fleet fueling services in the area. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all fueling plans for our clients. We’ll go over your business, your vehicle fleet, and your fuel needs to create a customized schedule to ensure that your vehicles have the fuel they need when they need it.

What kind of businesses use our fueling services? All kinds, including:

  • waste management
  • moving companies
  • construction companies
  • warehouses and distribution centers
  • farms and vineyards
  • paving companies
  • transportation service and shuttle companies

We also serve municipalities and school districts to fuel snowplows, first responder vehicles, school buses, and more.

Mazzola Oil also offers on-site diesel delivery.

How fleet fueling helps your Hudson Valley business

Mazzola Oil not only makes your fleet fueling process more efficient but also offers many other benefits to you and your business.

Better management of fuel usage and costs. By utilizing Mazzola Oil to fuel all your fleet vehicles, you will be able to track and monitor exactly how much fuel is being used. This knowledge can help you understand patterns and trends in terms of fuel needs and usage, as well as anticipate, plan, and manage your fuel budget more efficiently.

Improved efficiency. The phrase “time is money” has been around for ages for a reason. Your business’ productivity increases when your fleet vehicles are fueled on-site by Mazzola Oil. Your drivers don’t waste time going to off-site fueling stations and submitting receipts, and you and your staff don’t waste time managing those receipts, recording data, or dealing with fuel card accounts. This newfound efficiency gives you the opportunity to focus on other tasks and ideas that can improve and grow your business.

Reduced fuel theft. Companies often have to deal with fuel theft from employees taking advantage of their fuel cards or allowances. However, with fleet fueling from Mazzola Oil, you can better manage where your company’s money is going toward fuel expenses.

Less vehicle wear and tear. By fueling up their vehicles off-site or out of the way on their routes, drivers are adding mileage to those vehicles. It might not sound like much—a few miles here and there—but when you multiply that by how many vehicles in your fleet and how often your drivers need to do this, you’ll start to see how these quick trips can add up. That extra mileage can lead to increased wear and tear on your vehicles, which can raise maintenance and repair costs, or shorten life expectancies for your vehicles. On-site fueling allows you to reduce the amount of wear on your vehicles.

You can’t beat Mazzola Oil for the most reliable and responsive fleet fueling services in the Hudson Valley! Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.

Today’s heating oil is better than ever!

about heating oil new york Homeowners who use heating oil know that it’s the best way to keep their Hudson Valley home warm, safe, and comfortable. That’s because no other fuel can heat your home as quickly as heating oil.

You can enjoy the advantages of heating oil without worry if you select Mazzola Oil as your heating oil supplier. That’s because we are the Hudson Valley’s leader for reliable heating oil delivery with the option of hassle-free, worry-free Automatic Delivery.

If you don’t know much about heating oil, we’ve put together some basic information.

Where does heating oil come from?

Both No. 2 heating oil and diesel fuels are distillates derived from crude oil and have a low viscosity. While these two fuels have nearly the same chemical makeup, they are used quite differently.
No. 2 heating oil, like off-road diesel fuel, is dyed red to so you can tell it apart from the taxed on-road diesel fuel. Because people use No. 2 heating oil in their boilers or furnaces to heat their houses and not for on-road transportation, like off-road diesel fuel, it is not subject to the federal excise tax. The red dye ensures that it cannot be sold for use in on-road vehicles, which can lead to hefty fines and potential criminal charges.

No. 2 heating oil is also commonly called home heating oil or fuel oil so that it does not get confused with diesel fuels.

As with diesel fuel, No. 2 heating oil has a winterized variety known as winter blend. This winter blend is a combination of No. 2 heating oil and No. 1 heating oil (also called stove oil). This winter blend is less viscous, less prone to gelling in extreme cold, and easier on your furnace or boiler. Winter blend is also sometimes referred to as kerosene mix. Homes in very cold areas with outdoor heating oil tanks may choose winter blend.

How is today’s heating oil different?

The heating oil delivered by Mazzola Oil isn’t the same as what was offered a decade or two ago.

Many of these changes are a result of the heating oil’s commitment to creating a cleaner burning heating oil that is much more environmentally friendly than the heating oil of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation. This commitment has led to some huge advancements in heating oil.

A major change has been the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). Since 2018, New York State has required that all heating oil be delivered by ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

ULSHO has 15 parts-per-million (PPM)or less of sulfur, compared with 500 PPM of traditional heating oil.

The reduced amount of sulfur in ULSHO provides a wide range of advantages. First, greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically reduced from those of traditional heating oil, making it better for the environment as the world continues to battle climate change.

Lower sulfur is also better for you and your home’s heating system. Heating oil with less sulfur allows your heating equipment to work more efficiently, which may help you save a lot of money on winter energy bills!

With the reduction of sulfur, fewer deposits are left on heat exchangers in furnaces or boilers. As a result, wear and tear on furnaces is reduced, meaning they run more smoothly with decreased breakdowns and extended life expectancy.

This is just the start of many more improvements as the heating oil industry strives for net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The use of biodiesels, created from natural resources like plant oils, animal fats, and algae, promises to be even cleaner burning while reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Whether you’re in Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Arlington, or other nearby Hudson Valley communities, Mazzola Oil gives you heating oil delivery you can count on to keep your home warm and comfy. Become a Mazzola Oil customer today!

This year, volatile energy prices have been an unpleasant fact of life. After heating oil prices spiked in the spring, we saw them decrease throughout the summer. These price fluctuations were driven by global factors, including market speculation, supply issues, and the conflict in Ukraine.

On October 5, OPEC reduced its oil production by two million barrels a day, and this has caused prices to skyrocket yet again. In just the last few days, the price we pay for heating oil has increased by more than a dollar per gallon.

We want to say right away that this situation frustrates us as much as it does you. We hate the disruption to our business and especially to you, our customer. We hope prices go down again soon, as they did over the summer. But with prices changing so quickly, no one can definitively say where they’re are headed in the weeks or months ahead.

With history as our guide, we can say two things with confidence. Firstly, this price spike will not be limited to heating oil — all energy sources with be affected, from natural gas to grid electricity. Secondly, what goes up must come down. It’s just a matter of when.

We’ll keep tracking heating oil prices daily (sometimes hourly) and keep you in the loop. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take.

Enroll in our no-fee automatic delivery if you haven’t already. We have great relationships with our fuel suppliers. Still, there’s reason to believe that oil supplies will become a problem in the coming months. Having customers on automatic delivery helps us effectively manage our supply and ensure everyone stays comfortable and safe. And remember, we always prioritize our current customers.

Additionally, we can help you plan for higher prices by providing a breakdown of your prior heating oil usage that you can use to budget for the winter. Please let us know if we can help.
Finally, please call us if you’re worried about paying. We can almost always work out a solution with you. But the sooner we can address your concerns the better. Please don’t wait to contact our team.

We have been in this business a long time, and we’ve weathered many tough periods. Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to help you navigate the winter with a little less stress. We are always here when you need us.

Which is right for you?

automatic delivery new yorkIf you use heating oil to keep your Hudson Valley home warm and comfortable, you know that dependable heating oil delivery is essential.

At Mazzola Oil, we are a local and family-owned business. This means that our customers are not just numbers to us like they might be at some of the bigger national companies. We value every one of our clients and work hard to provide them with the best possible service. You are a neighbor and a valued customer, and we are committed to giving you reliable heating oil delivery and responsive, courteous service.

We understand that everyone has different heating oil needs, which is why we offer multiple delivery options.

You have the choice of Will-Call or Automatic Delivery. Both come with advantages and disadvantages which we will explore so that you can make the best decision for your home and budget!

Automatic Delivery

The majority of Mazzola Oil customers pick our Automatic Delivery service for the advantages it affords them: convenience, peace of mind, and ease.

Automatic Delivery ensures that you never have to worry about checking your oil tank gauge or forgetting and facing the prospect of an empty tank.

Once you join up for Automatic Delivery, those concerns are no more! Using your past energy usage, present weather conditions, and forecasts, we use our technology to figure out when you’ll require more heating oil. That calculation lets us accurately predict when to schedule a delivery before you run low.

Automatic delivery is a completely FREE service! It helps us to maximize efficiency in our fuel delivery scheduling so that we may make as many deliveries as possible each day.


Our Will-Call customers appreciate the convenience and control of managing their own heating oil delivery schedule.

However, with that power comes responsibility. It’s up to you to check your tank levels frequently if you opt for the Will-Call delivery option for your heating oil, especially during cold weather.

Running out of heating oil can be a costly and inconvenient mistake. First of all, your heating system shuts down when there’s no heating oil, so you could be left in the cold. We provide emergency heating oil delivery, but there is an added fee. Also, if you run out of heating oil, sludge could get sucked into your oil line and to the oil filter. That may necessitate bleeding the oil line and replacing the oil filter, which is another expense.

Here’s how to check your tank gauge levels.:

On top of your heating oil tank, look for the transparent plastic tube with markings on it that resemble car fuel gauge numbers: F, ¾, ½, and so on. There is a red marker or a float inside the tube that informs you how much heating oil is in the tank. We urge you to not allow your tank level to drop below 25% before requesting a delivery.

We recommend for you to contact us for service before your tank gauge falls below 30% full. Once it gets close to 30% full, contact Mazzola Oil to request a delivery.

Become a Mazzola Oil Automatic Delivery customer for the most dependable heating oil delivery in the Hudson Valley!

Protect yourself from surprise heating oil price spikes!

heating oil costs new yorkThis past year has been a wild roller-coaster ride when it comes to heating oil pricing.

While some fuel prices have been easing up, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global oil markets, lingering inflation, and Russia’s continued war on Ukraine all make for the likelihood of heating oil prices remaining volatile into this coming winter.

If another winter of crazy price spikes for heating oil has you worried, Mazzola Oil offers solutions with our pricing and payment options that can help to bring stability to your heating oil costs.

Price Cap

This is the ultimate in protecting and controlling your heating oil costs. First, you agree to a capped per-gallon price for your winter’s heating oil supply. You will not pay one cent per gallon over that set price for the duration of your agreement, even if market heating oil prices soar above it.

But that’s only the beginning to how Price Cap can help you keep your heating oil costs under control! Because if the market price of your heating oil falls below the capped price when you take a heating oil delivery, you are charged that lower price!

Budget Plan

Many of our customers love to be on our Budget Plan because it brings security and stability to your heating oil costs.

Think about how you use heating oil: only for a few months a year. That means if you pay for heating oil when it is delivered, you’re making some big payments. Those big payments happen when you have other major expenses, such as the holidays, school tuition payments coming due, tax season, and other winter costs.

Those big bills are behind you with Budget Plan! Your heating oil costs are spread out over 12 even, more affordable, and easier to manage monthly installments. The Budget Plan also makes planning your household budget easier as you will know your heating oil expenses for each month.

Contact Mazzola Oil today to learn more about and enroll in our pricing and payment options!

Save money while increasing your comfort!

home energy tips new yorkThe cost of everything seems to be going up these days. You’re likely feeling the pinch every time you buy groceries or fill up your car’s gas tanks.

Energy costs have not been immune to inflation. What with air conditioning, more electricity usage during the day with kids being home from school and using electronics, you’re likely dreading your summer energy bills.

Mazzola Oil is here to help with some great tips to help you save on energy costs, so you have more money for fun stuff like ice cream or a day at the beach.

Cut your cooling costs

Stop using air conditioning when it cools down after sunset and instead open the windows and use regular fans or ceiling fans for cooler air and ventilation. During the day, too much sunlight might overheat your home. To keep direct sunshine out of your house, close curtains and blinds. Regular maintenance is an essential component of maintaining your HVAC system. A tune-up by a Mazzola Oil professional technician will ensure that your air conditioning isn’t working as hard to cool your house this summer, saving you money on electricity bills. Take good care of your A/C system between tune-ups by changing filters regularly, vacuuming registers to get rid of dust and having the ductwork cleaned as suggested by your installer.

Be smart about summer cooking

Cooking can raise the temperature in your house substantially, especially if you use the oven. The increased usage of your A/C can drive up your energy costs. Use the stove only in the morning or later at night. Small appliances, such as a multicooker, toaster oven, microwave, slow cooker, electric griddle, or air fryer are preferable. Use your grill when you get the chance.

Upgrade your lighting

Only between 10% and 15% of the energy an incandescent light bulb uses goes towards actual light. The rest of the energy goes into heat, which is not only inefficient but can also raise the temperature in your home and make the air conditioning work harder. Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, which produce little heat while cutting your lighting costs dramatically. Lamps with incandescent light bulbs should be moved away from the thermostat. They produce enough heat to persuade the thermostat that it is warmer than it is, causing the air conditioning to turn on more frequently.

Has your home’s air conditioning gotten a tune-up this year? If not, don’t wait any longer! Contact Mazzola Oil today to schedule your tune-up.

Get convenience and peace of mind!

heating oil delivery new yorkFor more than 70 years, Mazzola Oil has been the Hudson Valley’s leader for dependable heating oil delivery.

We’re a local, family-owned business, so we understand our clients better than any big, national corporation can. To us, you aren’t simply an account number in a database. You are a neighbor and a valued client to us, and we treat you as such.

Because of insights that come from being a local company, we know that our customers have different needs when it comes to how they get their heating oil. That is why we offer our customers both Automatic Delivery and Will-Call. 

Customers are increasingly enrolling in Automatic Delivery. Why? Ease, convenience, and peace of mind are all reasons!

Now is the time to sign up for Automatic Delivery, which will enable you to enjoy its benefits throughout the winter heating season. Here’s what makes it so advantageous.

Automatic Delivery is easy 

Once you sign up for Automatic Delivery, you’re done! You won’t have to go outside in all kinds of weather or travel down into the basement anymore to check your tank gauge levels. You don’t have to contact us to schedule a delivery any longer. And you no longer have to worry about whether or not you forgot and need an emergency heating oil delivery

Mazzola Oil takes care of everything for you! We utilize cutting-edge computer software and the most up-to-date weather information to accurately predict when you’ll need heating oil delivered to your home. Then we make that delivery before you run low.

Budget program also makes life easy

With the cost of everything going up, it’s getting harder to plan household spending.

Mazzola Oil has a solution: our Budget program.

Look at your heating oil invoices for the previous year. It’s simple when you have a Mazzola Oil online account, by the way. The costs vary with the seasons.

The Budget program, on the other hand, puts a stop to all of that. Instead of paying for your heating oil in the winter, your heating oil expenses are spread out across twelve easy, even monthly installments. There will be no dramatic increase in your bills around the holidays!

Contact us today to enroll in Automatic Delivery!

Why we’re the right heating oil company for you!

heating oil delivery new york

For more than 70 years, Mazzola Oil has been serving Hudson Valley homes and businesses with dependable, courteous heating oil delivery and service.

We remain as committed as ever to upholding our high standards for service and reliability. It’s one reason why so many of our customers stay with us even when big national oil companies come calling. That outstanding service makes us superior in several ways.

Personal service

Because Mazzola Oil is based right here in the Hudson Valley, we understand the needs of our customers in ways the big, national fuel corporations just can’t. Because we see you as neighbors and not an account number, that understanding plays a role in everything we do for our customers.

We can’t be beaten when it comes to heating oil delivery. Almost 100% of the time, we can make next-day deliveries. You can choose between Will-Call and the reliability of our Automatic Delivery, where we use your heating oil usage history and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need more heating oil and make the delivery before you run low.

Our customers have individual needs when it comes to how they manage their heating oil costs. That’s why we offer pricing and payment options to choose from so you can control your costs your way.

We are also playing a role in fighting climate change by offering our customers the option of having cleaner-burning Bioheat® fuel delivered. It’s a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesels made from renewable resources such as algae, plant oils, and recycled restaurant cooking oils. It not only has dramatically lower emissions, but it also creates less wear on your heating system to improve its efficiency while helping it last longer.

Part of the community

Being locally based, the management and staff of Mazzola Oil have deep connections to the Hudson Valley communities we serve. Many of our employees are involved in local organizations such as youth sports and recreation, community service, and more. As a business, we are involved in many community and business organizations, including:

  • Dutchess County Chambers of Commerce
  • Hudson Valley Oil and Energy Council
  • Meet Me in Marlborough
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • Ulster County Chamber of Commerce
  • Empire State Energy Association

Get the reliable, responsive service you deserve from your heating oil company. Become a Mazzola Oil customer today!