Automatic Heating Oil Delivery vs. Will-Call

Written on: September 26, 2022

Which is right for you?

automatic delivery new yorkIf you use heating oil to keep your Hudson Valley home warm and comfortable, you know that dependable heating oil delivery is essential.

At Mazzola Oil, we are a local and family-owned business. This means that our customers are not just numbers to us like they might be at some of the bigger national companies. We value every one of our clients and work hard to provide them with the best possible service. You are a neighbor and a valued customer, and we are committed to giving you reliable heating oil delivery and responsive, courteous service.

We understand that everyone has different heating oil needs, which is why we offer multiple delivery options.

You have the choice of Will-Call or Automatic Delivery. Both come with advantages and disadvantages which we will explore so that you can make the best decision for your home and budget!

Automatic Delivery

The majority of Mazzola Oil customers pick our Automatic Delivery service for the advantages it affords them: convenience, peace of mind, and ease.

Automatic Delivery ensures that you never have to worry about checking your oil tank gauge or forgetting and facing the prospect of an empty tank.

Once you join up for Automatic Delivery, those concerns are no more! Using your past energy usage, present weather conditions, and forecasts, we use our technology to figure out when you’ll require more heating oil. That calculation lets us accurately predict when to schedule a delivery before you run low.

Automatic delivery is a completely FREE service! It helps us to maximize efficiency in our fuel delivery scheduling so that we may make as many deliveries as possible each day.


Our Will-Call customers appreciate the convenience and control of managing their own heating oil delivery schedule.

However, with that power comes responsibility. It’s up to you to check your tank levels frequently if you opt for the Will-Call delivery option for your heating oil, especially during cold weather.

Running out of heating oil can be a costly and inconvenient mistake. First of all, your heating system shuts down when there’s no heating oil, so you could be left in the cold. We provide emergency heating oil delivery, but there is an added fee. Also, if you run out of heating oil, sludge could get sucked into your oil line and to the oil filter. That may necessitate bleeding the oil line and replacing the oil filter, which is another expense.

Here’s how to check your tank gauge levels.:

On top of your heating oil tank, look for the transparent plastic tube with markings on it that resemble car fuel gauge numbers: F, ¾, ½, and so on. There is a red marker or a float inside the tube that informs you how much heating oil is in the tank. We urge you to not allow your tank level to drop below 25% before requesting a delivery.

We recommend for you to contact us for service before your tank gauge falls below 30% full. Once it gets close to 30% full, contact Mazzola Oil to request a delivery.

Become a Mazzola Oil Automatic Delivery customer for the most dependable heating oil delivery in the Hudson Valley!