Getting To Know Bioheat®

Written on: January 15, 2024

Get comfort, efficiency, and more with Bioheat fuel delivery from Mazzola Oil!

what is bioheat Hyde Park, NY Over the past few decades, heating oil has undergone significant transformation and advancement.

With the progress of technology, modern heating oil has become significantly cleaner compared to its earlier counterparts. Furthermore, the advent of Bioheat® fuel has made it even more environmentally friendly. At Mazzola Oil, we ensure dependable delivery of Bioheat, so you can experience its numerous benefits in the comfort of your Hudson Valley home.

Bioheat fuel is an extraordinary fusion of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and biodiesels. This exceptional blend results in a fuel that not only combusts with greater cleanliness but also offers a plethora of advantages. It significantly reduces environmental impact compared to traditional heating oil, while simultaneously extending the lifespan of your heating system. And the best part? It remains cost-effective, perfectly aligning with your budgetary needs.

What are biodiesels?

Biodiesel is a type of fuel that is produced from natural and renewable resources. Here are some examples of frequently utilized biodiesels in Bioheat fuel:

Ongoing progress is being made in the field of biodiesel development. A recent study conducted by Michigan State University suggests that cultivating switchgrass, a biofuel crop, on underutilized agricultural land can significantly contribute to environmental conservation, presenting a valuable opportunity.

This not only offers a fresh biodiesel source for Bioheat fuel but also brings benefits to our nation’s farmers by generating additional income from previously unproductive land. The dual advantage of this approach promotes sustainability while enhancing agricultural livelihoods.

The difference in Bioheat fuels is determined by the amount of biodiesels they contain.

In the realm of Bioheat fuel, suppliers often utilize a nomenclature consisting of the letter B followed by a numerical value. This alphanumeric representation serves to denote the biodiesel content within the fuel, expressed as a percentage. Furthermore, varying designations are employed to characterize the fuel, contingent upon its specific biodiesel composition.

Bioheat® fuel: Blends ranging from 2% to 5% biodiesel (B2–B5)
Bioheat Plus® fuel: Blends ranging from 6% to 20% biodiesel (B5–B20)
Bioheat Super Plus® fuel: Blends with 21% biodiesel and above (B20+)

ULSHO abides by strict standards that limit the sulfur content to 15 parts-per-million (ppm) or less. This remarkable decrease of 99% in sulfur levels, compared to heating oil from thirty years ago, represents a significant leap forward. Consequently, you now have access to cleaner and more environmentally friendly heating alternatives, enhancing your overall experience.

Through the elimination of almost all sulfur from our heating oil, we have achieved an astounding 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional alternatives. This remarkable progress not only highlights our unwavering commitment to the environment but also emphasizes the significant impact we can make in the battle against climate change.

Bioheat fuel can cut your heating costs

Bioheat fuel, with its cleaner burning properties compared to traditional No. 2 heating oil, enhances the efficiency of your home’s furnace or boiler, leading to significant savings on heating costs. Additionally, Bioheat fuel reduces the accumulation of deposits on heat registers, minimizing wear and tear on your heating system. This results in fewer breakdowns, reduced repair expenses, and potentially extends the lifespan of your heating system by several years.

Bioheat fuel is better for the planet

Bioheat fuel offers a multitude of environmental benefits, with its most remarkable advantage lying in its significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The use of biodiesels further amplifies this reduction, making it even more impactful. As a crucial element of the heating oil industry’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Bioheat fuel plays a pivotal role in this pursuit.

By increasing the adoption of biodiesels in Bioheat fuel, we can lessen our dependence on oil drilling, both at home and abroad. This not only benefits our environment but also promotes sustainability and energy independence.

Through the transformation of these products into biodiesels for Bioheat fuel, we actively redirect waste from landfills while championing sustainability.

With our reliable delivery of Bioheat fuel, you can be assured that your Hudson Valley home will be warm and comfy this winter! Become a customer today.