Farm Fueling

Look to Mazzola Oil Service to fuel your modern Hudson Valley farm

We provide reliable agricultural fueling to farms across the Hudson Valley, covering your vehicular and equipment needs. If you need on- or off-road diesel, Mazzola Oil Service is here for you.

From crop drying to greenhouses, irrigation to coop heating and beyond, we make it easy for you to make the most of your profit potential while minimizing any crop loss. Here’s a look at just some of the areas where our fuel services will have you covered:

  • drying and ripening crops
  • heating hog barns, poultry production facilities, greenhouses, water tanks, farmhouses and more
  • irrigating fields
  • combatting weeds and insects
  • keeping milking operations sanitized
  • keeping orchards warm in cold weather
  • powering generators

We use up-to-date technology and well-maintained equipment, and our safety record is exceptional. Our on- and off-road diesel services will make a true difference for your agricultural operation.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

You’ll get more than just fuel when you come to Mazzola Oil Service for your farming needs. We’ll help you save time and money by delivering on-site and putting our decades of experience in the fuel delivery business to use. With on- and off-road diesel delivery from our team, you don’t have to watch your operation lose work time or money looking for a filling station or dealing with receipts.

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Our Team Can Help

The commercial fuels specialists from Mazzola Oil Services understand the business you’re in, and will make sure you’re moving in the right direction for all of your vehicle and equipment fueling needs. We’ll set up a customized fuel delivery schedule so you’ll know when your fuel is coming, but of course we can be as flexible as you need, as well. Our priority is making sure you have the diesel fuel you need to maintain a successful agricultural operation.

Contact us to find out more about how we can make your New York farm as affordable and successful as possible!