Fleet Fueling

Mazzola Oil Service offers fleet-fueling service to businesses across the Hudson Valley

If you’re looking to save time and money as you keep your fleet fueled up, Mazzola Oil Service is the way to go. We offer diesel delivery for your on-site trucks or tanks, and we serve sanitation companies, paving businesses and more.

Do you have on-road vehicles that use diesel fuel? We also deliver on-road diesel fuel throughout the year to the trucking companies, construction operations, other businesses and municipalities with fleets of vehicles.

Our on-site fueling service will save you time and save your business money, especially when you compare it with what you would spend dispatching your trucks to an off-site gas station for fill-ups. Need us to come to your business headquarters? We can do that as well!

Benefits of Our Fleet Fueling Service

  1. You can get your team started each day with full tanks for all your diesel vehicles. We’ll make sure your fleet is ready to go at the beginning of each day.
  2. When you use our service, you will eliminate the need for time-consuming fueling stops. Your business will be more productive when you get on-site fueling directly from our tank trucks.
  3. We offer reliable deliveries for your bulk diesel tanks. We’ll work out a schedule that works for you.

Off-Road Diesel

We make bulk fuel deliveries for all of your commercial fuel needs, and our dependable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. With our fuel management expertise, Mazzola Oil Service will take the stress out of the process for you and your commercial operation. We have been delivering off-road diesel fuel to manufacturers, construction companies and other businesses across the Hudson Valley for decades.

On-Road Diesel

If you need to fuel an on-road fleet, we can handle that as well. We fuel all of the following, and more:

  • businesses and schools
  • commercial vehicles
  • delivery companies and couriers
  • hauling businesses (waste, junk)
  • moving companies

order nowIn the years since 1950, Mazzola Oil Service has learned quite a bit about what makes each customer unique in their fleet-fueling needs. You’re sure to appreciate our customized fleet-fueling delivery and service, where we come to you and make sure you have what you need, whether it’s on-road diesel for trucks or off-road diesel for construction equipment.

The One-Source Advantage

Because your fleet’s fuel comes from one source, you’ll have an easier time tracking usage and expenses. Since your drivers won’t have to log fill-ups or deal with receipts, you’ll save time and money.

Learn more about what we can do for your commercial operation. Contact us today.