On-Site Fueling

Keep your commercial operation on time and on track with on-site fueling from Mazzola Oil Service

As a business in the Hudson Valley, you will benefit from on-site fueling, which we offer for on- and off-road diesel equipment. Our reliable team delivers fuel to construction operations, paving operations, farms, manufacturing sites and more, every day of the year.

Once you begin to use on-site fueling, take a look at your bottom line compared with what it would be if you were dispatching your trucks to be fueled off-site. The difference will likely surprise you. Here’s an overview of just some of the many benefits to having on-site fueling:

  • You don’t need to think about miles per gallon or missing receipts for fueling up.
  • Your drivers can spend more time on the road if their vehicles are filled up before they arrive. No more time-consuming mid-day stops to get fuel.
  • You will save the miles needed to drive to drive to get fuel.
  • On-site delivery removes the need to be concerned about on-site storage or the complications that come with it.
  • We’ll stay on the schedule we commit to for you.

Off-Road Diesel for Construction and More

If you own or operate a construction company or other type of business that uses diesel fuel to power its equipment, you’ll love having fuel delivered on-site. We’ve offered this service for decades and we know that commercial operations across the Hudson Valley benefit from on-site fueling every day. Let us come to you. We’ll fuel your off-road equipment for all of the following, and more:

  • construction sites
  • agricultural operations
  • generators for health-care facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes
  • manufacturing sites
  • industrial operations

Generator Fueling

Diesel also fuels generators at health-care facilities, like hospitals and nursing homes, and educational facilities, including universities, school districts and offices. We’ll help you keep your essential equipment running and protect servers and other valuable technology.

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Trust Mazzola Oil Service

Our team of trained professionals will take care of your commercial operation’s fueling needs year-round—safely and on time. Whether you’re in Dutchess, Orange or Ulster county—or the surrounding areas—you can keep your projects moving forward without giving fuel a second thought.

Mazzola Oil Service serves businesses in the Hudson Valley. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your commercial operation moving forward and become a customer today!