Discover the Convenience of Fleet Fueling

Written on: July 10, 2023

Keep operations running smoothly with Mazzola Oil!

fleet fueling Arlington, ny If you use a fleet of vehicles for your Hudson Valley business, fuel is an essential supply.

Those vehicles need fuel to get to job sites, move goods and materials, haul waste, transport people, and more. Managing the job of ensuring that your fleet vehicles are fueled is critical in many ways. Obviously, they need fuel. But matters of cost and efficiency also come into play.

Mazzola Oil makes this job easy with our comprehensive fleet fueling services! We take virtually all the work of keeping on top of your fleet’s fuel supply off your to-do list. We also provide on-site fueling for jobsites away from your offices.

Our customized fleet fueling service is a great choice for a diverse array of Hudson Valley businesses including:

What is fleet fueling and how does it work?

Fleet fueling refers to the process of refueling all the vehicles in your fleet, including cars, trucks, and vans, at your business location. You have different options for fleet fueling, including having the fuel delivered to an onsite filling station for your employees to use, or choosing wet hose fueling, which involves the delivery driver fueling your vehicles directly from the truck. Many companies prefer the latter option for its efficiency, as it ensures your vehicles start the workday with full fuel tanks.

How is fleet fueling good for my business?

If keeping your fleet vehicles fueled is time-consuming and costly, Mazzola Oil’s fleet fueling services offer many benefits. Here are some of them.

Cut fuel theft and save money – Businesses often face the problem of fuel theft by employees misusing fuel cards or allowances. Mazzola Oil offers fleet fueling services to help businesses monitor and regulate fuel expenses, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Improve efficiency and productivity – By choosing Mazzola Oil as your fuel provider for your fleet, you can keep a close eye on the fuel consumption of all your vehicles. This will help you identify usage patterns and trends that will enable you to plan ahead and manage your fuel expenses more effectively.

Our onsite fueling service can enhance the productivity of your business. Your drivers can save time by avoiding off-site fueling stations and the hassle of managing receipts and fuel card accounts. This will also free up you and your staff from dealing with such tasks and allow you to focus on improving your business operations and generating innovative ideas to foster growth.

Reduce wear on your vehicles for long-term savings – When drivers need to fuel their vehicles off-site, they need to drive extra miles which adds to their mileage. Although it may seem insignificant, these extra miles can accumulate if you have multiple vehicles and frequent refueling off-site. On-site fleet fueling options can help you avoid expensive maintenance repairs or a shortened lifespan of your vehicle due to accelerated wear and tear caused by the additional mileage. This way, you can optimize your vehicles’ longevity while enjoying the convenience of fueling at your location.

Ready to make keeping your fleet fueled simple and worry-free? Contact Mazzola Oil for more information about our fleet fueling services!