Oil Heat Is Still a Great Way to Heat Your Home

Written on: May 13, 2024

The Heating Oil in Your Tank Burns Cleaner Than Ever

oil heat Beacon, NY How you heat your home has a big impact on your comfort. It can also make a big difference in what you spend each month to keep comfortable. And, of course, there are environmental factors. Furnaces and boilers can be run with oil, propane, natural gas, or electricity. However, except for natural gas and propane, you can’t change fuels without replacing your equipment. In our area, cold, raw winters make heating oil the smarter choice. One reason is that electric heat just takes much longer to reach a comfortable temperature and maintain it—driving up your energy usage. That means electricity will cost you more.

The Science of Oil Heat

Heating oil has a higher Btu output per gallon, which means it produces more heating energy, so you use it more slowly than propane. You need to burn about 40% more natural gas to receive the heating equivalent of regular heating oil. Cleaner, ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns even more efficiently—helping to keep heating costs down even more. That means you could pay less to heat your house with heating oil, even if the per-gallon cost of propane is less.

But isn’t heating oil bad for the environment?

The information that your electric company doesn’t want you to know is that today’s heating oil produces such negligible emissions that the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even regulate it anymore. On its own, ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns more cleanly than traditional heating oil.
When it’s mixed with biofuels, as in the BioHeat® fuel we deliver, the result is a cleaner-burning heating fuel that emits up to 80% less sulfur dioxide as well as 20% less carbon dioxide. Fewer greenhouse gases mean cleaner air and a more sustainable future for everyone!

Better for Your Equipment

Cleaner fuel also protects your equipment. The quality of the oil in your tank has a big impact on how long your equipment lasts. Less sulfur also means less build-up in your equipment. That translates to fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs for you.

Better for Your Wallet

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil also opens the door to super-efficient heating systems, which can increase the advantages of heating oil over natural gas even more. Research conducted by the Energy Research Council/Brookhaven National Laboratory found fuel savings as high as 48.3% when outdated equipment is replaced with a new, high-efficiency boiler.

Ready for a Fill Up?

Take advantage of lower off-season prices and fill up your tank for next year. Heating oil won’t degrade over the summer, and a full tank is protected from condensation and sludge build-up that can lead to corrosion and leaks.

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