On-site Fueling: Straight to Your Business!

Written on: December 11, 2023

On-site fueling from Mazzola Oil makes fueling your fleet easy!

on-site fueling Ulster county, ny If your business relies on vehicles or equipment that use diesel fuels, you know how important reliable, cost-effective fueling is.

Mazzola Oil is the Hudson Valley’s leader for on-site fueling, providing both on-road and off-road diesel fueling for a wide range of industries, including:

On-site fueling helps make your business better in many ways. Here are some of them.

Benefits of On-site Fueling

Improved efficiency and productivity: Boost your business productivity and streamline operations with our convenient onsite fueling services. Fuel is directly provided to your fleet when they are at your business or jobsite. By starting their shifts with vehicles and equipment already fueled up, your drivers and equipment operators can begin work promptly, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow. On-site fueling ends delays caused by refueling and helps to ensure smooth, efficient operations. Say goodbye to wasted time and effort as your drivers no longer need to leave the site for refueling or manage fuel receipts. With our service, there’s no more hassle of organizing receipts or dealing with fuel card accounts. Your drivers can focus on their tasks more efficiently, while you have the freedom to dedicate time to enhancing your business’s operations and planning for future growth.

Superior fuel and budget management: By choosing Mazzola Oil as your dedicated onsite fuel supplier, you gain the advantage of precise monitoring and measurement of all your fuel consumption. Through comprehensive analysis of historical trends, patterns, and data points tied to your fleet’s fueling demand, you can effectively anticipate future expenses associated with fueling. Regrettably, there are instances where employees exploit fuel cards or allowances, resulting in significant financial losses for businesses. However, with our convenient on-site fueling option, you gain the ability to monitor and manage your fuel expenses effectively. This empowers you to have full control over where your business funds are allocated, ensuring transparency and peace of mind without any unnecessary complexities.

Reduced vehicle wear: Whenever drivers have to deviate from their route or go off-site to refuel their vehicles, they add unnecessary mileage to their cars. While each refueling may appear insignificant, the cumulative effect becomes significant when considering the size of your fleet and the frequency with which drivers have to fill up away from your business site or off their designated route. These frequent short trips can negatively impact your vehicles, leading to costly repairs or a shorter lifespan. That ends with Mazzola Oil’s on-site fueling!

Generator fueling

On-site fueling isn’t just for vehicles. Many facilities here in the Hudson Valley rely on diesel-powered generators. A diesel standby generator offers multiple layers of protection for your business. Whether it’s hospitals, health care facilities, or nursing homes, this essential equipment ensures the uninterrupted operation of life-saving devices. Additionally, it maintains the optimal temperature for your business’s technological equipment, such as servers and computers, by ensuring the HVAC system runs smoothly. Moreover, grocery stores depend on generators to safeguard their perishable goods, ensuring that the refrigeration system and HVAC remain operational. With a diesel standby generator and reliable onsite fueling from Mazzola Oil, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your business is well-prepared and protected in various critical scenarios.

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