What is Onsite Fueling?

Written on: August 14, 2023

Put Mazzola Oil to work for your Hudson Valley business!

diesel fuel ulster county, ny If your business in the Hudson Valley has a fleet of vehicles or equipment, effectively managing their fueling is crucial for the success of your operations. Proper fuel management plays a vital role in ensuring smooth business operations and maximizing efficiency.

For decades, businesses like yours have relied on Mazzola Oil for reliable onsite fleet fueling services at their business or jobsite. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can trust us to meet your fueling needs with utmost dependability and professionalism.

We deliver both on-road diesel and off-road diesel, either directly to trucks or we can set up an onsite tank and filling station at your business.

Does your business rely on a diesel-powered standby generator? Health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, along with schools and colleges, trust us to keep their generators powered.

How does onsite fueling work?

Onsite fueling, also known as wet hosing or mobile fueling, provides a convenient solution for your diesel fuel needs. We offer the flexibility of setting up a tank and filling station, allowing you to easily refill your vehicles whenever necessary.

With onsite fueling, you can enjoy a contactless fuel delivery system that ensures your business vehicles and machinery are always ready to roll. No more wasted time at the pump. When your fleet arrives at your business or jobsite, they’re greeted with full tanks of diesel or gasoline, allowing your drivers to start their shifts and get to work without delay. Say goodbye to fueling hassles and hello to seamless productivity.

What are the benefits of onsite fueling?

Better fuel management – By choosing Mazzola Oil as your dedicated onsite fuel supplier, you gain the advantage of precise monitoring and measurement of all your fuel consumption. Through comprehensive analysis of historical trends, patterns, and data points related to fueling demand, you can strategically plan for future refueling expenses with confidence.

Elimination of fuel theft – Regrettably, some employees may exploit fuel cards or allowances, leading to costly theft for businesses. Fortunately, with Mazzola Oil’s onsite fueling, you have the ability to exercise control over your business’s fuel expenses. This allows you to monitor expenditure effortlessly, ensuring that your hard-earned money is allocated wisely.

Less vehicle wear – Every time drivers deviate from their route or go off-site to refuel their vehicles, they add unnecessary mileage to the vehicle. While each refuel may seem trivial, the cumulative effect can be significant when considering the number of cars in your fleet and the frequency of off-site refueling. These accumulated short trips can lead to increased wear and tear on your vehicles, resulting in costly repairs and reduced lifespan. Onsite fueling eliminates these concerns, making wear and tear a thing of the past!

Greater efficiency – Maximize your business productivity and streamline efficiency with our convenient onsite fueling services. Eliminate the need for your drivers to waste time and effort on off-site refueling or managing fuel receipts. There’s no more hassle of organizing receipts and dealing with fuel card accounts. By freeing up your drivers’ time, they can work more efficiently and productively. Meanwhile, you can focus on enhancing your business operations and strategizing for growth.

Get customized onsite fueling services for your business. Contact Mazzola Oil today for a consultation.