Enroll in Price Cap & Budget Plan

Written on: August 8, 2022

Protect yourself from surprise heating oil price spikes!

heating oil costs new yorkThis past year has been a wild roller-coaster ride when it comes to heating oil pricing.

While some fuel prices have been easing up, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global oil markets, lingering inflation, and Russia’s continued war on Ukraine all make for the likelihood of heating oil prices remaining volatile into this coming winter.

If another winter of crazy price spikes for heating oil has you worried, Mazzola Oil offers solutions with our pricing and payment options that can help to bring stability to your heating oil costs.

Price Cap

This is the ultimate in protecting and controlling your heating oil costs. First, you agree to a capped per-gallon price for your winter’s heating oil supply. You will not pay one cent per gallon over that set price for the duration of your agreement, even if market heating oil prices soar above it.

But that’s only the beginning to how Price Cap can help you keep your heating oil costs under control! Because if the market price of your heating oil falls below the capped price when you take a heating oil delivery, you are charged that lower price!

Budget Plan

Many of our customers love to be on our Budget Plan because it brings security and stability to your heating oil costs.

Think about how you use heating oil: only for a few months a year. That means if you pay for heating oil when it is delivered, you’re making some big payments. Those big payments happen when you have other major expenses, such as the holidays, school tuition payments coming due, tax season, and other winter costs.

Those big bills are behind you with Budget Plan! Your heating oil costs are spread out over 12 even, more affordable, and easier to manage monthly installments. The Budget Plan also makes planning your household budget easier as you will know your heating oil expenses for each month.

Contact Mazzola Oil today to learn more about and enroll in our pricing and payment options!