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Fuel Programs 

Fuel Programs

Will Call 

Set up an account with us by calling the office and whenever a delivery is needed just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but we kindly ask that you try to give us at least 3 days’ notice. 150 Gallon Minimum Delivery required.


Based on temperature and prior fuel usage customers will be placed on a regular delivery schedule.


Running from November through March and administered by the Department of Social Services this federally funded program can help certain low income households with a portion of their energy expenses.  
For more information and to apply online please visit


The Orange County Fuel Fund assists households who struggle with their winter heating bills.  For more information and to apply please visit

Orange County Fuel Fund 


We realize that Home heating energy costs can be a huge burden in the winter months for our customers.  Based off of prior years’ fuel usage history this program allows customers to spread out evenly their fuel costs over an 11 month time frame with month 12 being reserved to reconcile against actual usage for the year. Budget Billing programs start in May and run through the following April


Purchase fuel ahead of time in larger quantities to receive a volume discount. Many of our customers like to pay for the entirety of their winter seasons usage ahead of time to take advantage of the lower pricing available for ordering in bulk. 


With these programs customers have the ability to lock in to a set price before entering the winter season.  No pre payment is required to lock in but any fuel ordered through a lock in contract must be taken during the winter season. This program is perfect for folks dont want to be subject to market pricing in the winter season. Our Cap price program works just like lock in but offers downside protection. A customer would know their maximum price for fuel during the winter months but if the market rate is lower at time of delivery the customer gets the lower price. This program would require a .20 cent per gallon program fee upfront.


Receive a $25 credit for every customer referred to Mazzola Oil Service Inc. Credit will be applied to your next bill with us after the referred new customer receives their first delivery.