How To Save Money on Fleet Fueling

Written on: November 13, 2023

Mazzola Oil helps you manage your fleet fueling costs

fleet fueling Orange county, ny Mazzola Oil’s fleet fueling service offers a seamless solution to streamline your refueling process, helping you save precious time and money.

By reducing or eliminating the need for off-site fueling, your drivers can devote their attention to completing more work. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing receipts and fuel card accounts for you and your staff. Instead, redirect the time saved towards improving operations and developing new strategies to drive business growth.

You also get precise tracking and monitoring of fuel consumption across your fleet vehicles. Armed with this invaluable data, you’ll be able to anticipate your fuel requirements with accuracy, ensuring you never run out when you need it the most. This seamless management of your fuel budget will enhance efficiency and empower you to make informed decisions. You also benefit from competitive and transparent fuel pricing, without being subject to the unpredictable pricing of retail gasoline and diesel filling stations.

How does fleet fueling work?

Fleet fueling refers to the practice of refueling all the vehicles in a business fleet at a designated location. Companies typically have two options when it comes to fleet fueling: establishing an on-site fueling filling station where employees can refuel their vehicles or opting for wet hose fueling. Wet hose fueling is a popular choice because it involves our fuel delivery driver directly filling up the vehicles from the delivery truck, ensuring that the tanks are completely filled before the workday begins. This method guarantees convenience and efficiency for the fleet.

Tips for cutting fleet fueling costs

Properly maintain vehicles: Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups, is vital to ensure optimal efficiency for every vehicle in your fleet. Not only does this help save money on fuel costs, but it also leads to significant benefits. Take, for instance, the U.S. Department of Energy‘s findings, which highlight that a well-tuned vehicle can achieve an average increase of 4% in gas mileage.

Enhancing your fleet’s fuel economy can be achieved through the adoption of synthetic oil. With its lower viscosity and friction-reducing properties, synthetic oil proves to be an effective solution.

Implementing a well-planned preventive maintenance program ensures that your vehicles consistently operate at optimal performance levels.

When thinking about maintenance, don’t forget the tires! Vehicles that have tires inflated at only 75% of the recommended pressure can consume up to 3% more fuel. If tires are inflated at just 50% of the recommended pressure level, they can result in up to a 10% increase in fuel consumption.

Ensuring regular tire pressure checks for your fleet will not only enhance your cost-per-mile but also proactively prevent unsafe situations. Making tire pressure a mandatory element of every driver’s pre-trip safety check is a prudent best practice.

This practice involves monitoring the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system and conducting visual inspections to identify anything that may have been missed by the electronic equipment.

Use GPS to improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency: Are your fleet drivers constantly traversing your community throughout the day? If your drivers often find themselves going over the same area multiple times during their work, it is high time to enhance the efficiency of your fleet routes by leveraging GPS tracking technology.

Efficiently optimizing routes not only streamlines your overall operations, but also empowers you to effectively serve a larger customer base. By eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth driving, your drivers can wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to delivering exceptional service. Moreover, this enhanced efficiency translates into substantial fuel cost savings and reduces the frequency of maintenance, ultimately maximizing the productivity of your fleet routes.

Another way that route optimization works is in timing. Encouraging off-peak driving, especially in the Hudson Valley where commuter traffic is heavy, can help reduce fuel usage and increase fuel and driver efficiency.

With easy fleet fueling from Mazzola Oil, managing your vehicle fleet is more efficient and cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more!