How Much Fuel Does A Semi Truck Hold?

Written on: June 12, 2023

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commercial fueling Poughkeepsie, ny Managing your truck fleet’s fuel supply is a demanding job. You need to make sure that the trucks are able to always have the fuel they need while keeping costs under control.

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What kind of businesses use semi trucks? Many, including:

When it comes to managing the fueling for a fleet of semi trucks, you need to know some things about them. We’ve put together some information that can help.

What is the capacity of fuel for a semi truck?

Knowing this is crucial as it determines the amount of fuel required and the distance the truck can cover without refueling. The distance a semi truck can travel is determined by the size of its fuel tank. The amount of fuel a semi truck holds varies depending on the tank size. There are multiple sizes of fuel tanks. These are the most common.

Standard configuration semi truck tank – An average semi truck tank holds 105 gallons of fuel.

Custom-made semi truck tank – If your business requires traveling longer distances without stopping frequently for refueling, you might want to think about getting a customized fuel tank for your semi-truck. The usual sizes for customized tanks are 160 gallons, 260 gallons, or 400 gallons.

How many miles does a semi truck get out of full tank of fuel?

This is literally a case of your mileage may vary. These are some of the factors that determine how far your truck will get on a tank of diesel fuel before needing to stop and refuel.

How many fuel tanks the truck has – Some semi trucks are equipped with more than one fuel tank. This allows the truck to travel a longer distance without needing to refuel.

How much the fuel and the fuel tank (or tanks) weigh – The purpose of load standard guidelines is to ensure the safety of all individuals on the road. A typical gallon of diesel fuel weighs approximately seven pounds and a standard semi-truck tank, which may have multiple fuel tanks, can weigh roughly 735 pounds when full.

What the mileage average is for the truck – On average, a semi-truck can travel about 6.5 miles using one gallon of fuel. If a semi-truck has a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, it can travel approximately 2,100 miles before needing to refuel. Keeping trucks properly maintained helps keep fuel mileage higher while also helping to prevent breakdowns.

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