When Can I Enroll in a Service Contract?

Written on: April 10, 2023

Trust Mazzola Oil to care for your home’s heating equipment!

hvac service plan Hyde Park, ny With winter firmly in the rear-view mirror here in the Hudson Valley, you are likely not thinking much about your home’s oil-fired heating system.

But if you take time now to think about it and act to protect it with a Mazzola Oil service contract, you can save yourself hassle and expense down the road! Enrollment is open now for a limited time.

What is a service contract?

Service contracts from a service provider like Mazzola Oil ensure your home’s heating, cooling, and/or comfort equipment’s routine maintenance. By opting for a service contract plan, you can be certain that your equipment is being well-maintained throughout the year. Plans are offered on either monthly or yearly subscriptions.

By investing in this annual maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your equipment will run at peak efficiency while also providing a dependable partner for future repair and support requirements.

Depending on the service provider, your contract could provide tune-ups with discounted costs for repairs or be a full-service package that includes everything.

Benefits of a Mazzola Oil service contract

Many people think about repair coverage first when it comes to a service contract. That makes sense. HVAC repairs can average more than $300.

A Mazzola Oil service contract includes:

However, not only do you get repair coverage in your Mazzola Oil service contract, but an annual maintenance tune-up as well. Tune-ups do a lot for your home’s equipment, which is why they are at the core of our service contracts.

Uncover small problems early. Gradual issues with your equipment can have a major consequence if left unchecked. An annual inspection of the internal parts by an expert technician can identify and fix minor problems before they become worse.

Protect your loved ones. With a regular equipment and safety inspection, you can rest assured that your home comfort system is running as it should: safely.

Reduce the risk of breakdowns. With a regular schedule of maintenance appointments, you can reduce the odds of unanticipated breakdowns by properly adjusting that loose fan belt and realigning the askew blower motor.

Prevent big repair bills. Investing in routine HVAC maintenance is both cost-effective and reliable, saving you money on costly repairs down the road.

Cut your energy costs. An annual maintenance tune-up ensures that your equipment is running at its peak efficiency, meaning you’ll spend as little as possible on your energy costs.

Keep your equipment longer. Equipment that gets regular cleaning and tune-ups can last years longer compared to equipment that isn’t, letting you make the most of your investment while saving you on premature replacement costs.

Maintain your warranty. Most home equipment manufacturers value preventive maintenance so much that they require yearly tune-ups to retain your warranty. Spending a bit of money on protection now not only saves you from expensive repairs, but it will also keep your warranty valid in the event something does need repair.

Protect your home and your family’s comfort with a Mazzola Oil service contract! Contact us today to enroll.