How To Save on Energy Costs During the Summer

Written on: July 11, 2022

Save money while increasing your comfort!

home energy tips new yorkThe cost of everything seems to be going up these days. You’re likely feeling the pinch every time you buy groceries or fill up your car’s gas tanks.

Energy costs have not been immune to inflation. What with air conditioning, more electricity usage during the day with kids being home from school and using electronics, you’re likely dreading your summer energy bills.

Mazzola Oil is here to help with some great tips to help you save on energy costs, so you have more money for fun stuff like ice cream or a day at the beach.

Cut your cooling costs

Stop using air conditioning when it cools down after sunset and instead open the windows and use regular fans or ceiling fans for cooler air and ventilation. During the day, too much sunlight might overheat your home. To keep direct sunshine out of your house, close curtains and blinds. Regular maintenance is an essential component of maintaining your HVAC system. A tune-up by a Mazzola Oil professional technician will ensure that your air conditioning isn’t working as hard to cool your house this summer, saving you money on electricity bills. Take good care of your A/C system between tune-ups by changing filters regularly, vacuuming registers to get rid of dust and having the ductwork cleaned as suggested by your installer.

Be smart about summer cooking

Cooking can raise the temperature in your house substantially, especially if you use the oven. The increased usage of your A/C can drive up your energy costs. Use the stove only in the morning or later at night. Small appliances, such as a multicooker, toaster oven, microwave, slow cooker, electric griddle, or air fryer are preferable. Use your grill when you get the chance.

Upgrade your lighting

Only between 10% and 15% of the energy an incandescent light bulb uses goes towards actual light. The rest of the energy goes into heat, which is not only inefficient but can also raise the temperature in your home and make the air conditioning work harder. Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, which produce little heat while cutting your lighting costs dramatically. Lamps with incandescent light bulbs should be moved away from the thermostat. They produce enough heat to persuade the thermostat that it is warmer than it is, causing the air conditioning to turn on more frequently.

Has your home’s air conditioning gotten a tune-up this year? If not, don’t wait any longer! Contact Mazzola Oil today to schedule your tune-up.